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JUDI is a real-time, mobile feedback service that engages audiences to provide their opinions on topics that matter, when they matter most.

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How Judi Works

Need feedback? Ask JUDI

Use the JUDI Portal to quickly and easily create private (invite-only) or public (broadcast) feedback channels to a targeted audience. Within minutes, create and publish questions on topics that are most relevant at any given moment in time.

Provide feedback. Tell JUDI.

With the JUDI mobile app, your audience responds to questions, collects reward points and makes their voices heard. With a swipe of the thumb, they conveniently and instantly provide feedback from their mobile device.

View results. See JUDI.

In the JUDI portal, see channel and topic activity, participation rates and feedback results in real-time. Make decisions and take action by understanding the opinions of your audience.

Private or Public Channels

In Private Channels, only participants that you invite can provide feedback. Private Channels are ideal for gathering feedback from employees, association members or any other known group.

In Public Channels, the availability of topics and questions are broadcast to the general public who opt in to participate through the JUDI app. Public channels are ideal for gathering feedback for market research, new products and services, public policy or any other type of general public feedback.

Easily Create Topics and Questions

Step 1 Describe your topic and set start and end times.

Step 2 Create your question(s) using any of the four most common question types. Decide if questions have rewards points and if responses are anonymous.

Step 3 Review your question(s).

Step 4 Publish your question(s).

Real-time Visibility of Results

Use your JUDI dashboard to view and track real-time channel and topic activity, participation rates and participant feedback. You can also view completed topics and their results at any time.

Mobile App

Using JUDI is simple. Download the free JUDI app and subscribe to your favorite channel(s). With a swipe of your thumb, you can provide instant feedback on any topic. Be the first to give feedback by using push notifications to be alerted of new topics as they happen.

Judi Gets Opinions

Gather feedback from people that matter on topics that matter to you.

JUDI app for iOS and Android is always FREE to download and use.